Closed Captioning

Feb 22, 2018

Hi! I am very interested in exploring the new closed captioning editor and tools. Are there any video-based tutorials available? I was unsuccessful in my attempts to locate them.

Many thanks!


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Joy McGinty


Thanks to the assistance all of you have given me, I was able to successfully create and download an .srt file from YouTube. I imported a video and the .srt file into Storyline without issue. However, I am unable to edit the captions in Storyline. I am also not able to create them using the editor for a video without captioning., My menu bar is not the same as the one contained in the article.

I have attached my Storyline file which includes a brief screen recording of what I expected the editor to look like, as well as what it looks like for me. It also contains the two videos I am working with--one version with the .srt file, the other without.

Thank you!


Joy McGinty

Thank you Crystal! I thought I had updated last week. Apparently I was wrong, as I was on build 3.7xxx. I just successfully updated to the latest build and can see all of the closed captioning functionality that I was missing. Thanks again!

BTW, I love this application, this user community and the Articulate staff! I can not speak highly enough about you all!

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