Closed Captioning Best Practices

I would love to know if there are any best practices for CC that people go by?

For example, I've noticed that in other programs the text isn't centered by default, but in Storyline the text is centered and you may have one very long line on top and one word on the bottom. I find this difficult to read. Should I manually add text breaks to make the lines easier to read? Or am I just being picky about the text, and the line breaks don't matter? 

Also, I've read varying things about punctuation. Does anyone have any guidelines about this? 

What about caption breaks, is there are rule around longer sentences vs prases? I've been doing this to match text as it's spoken phrase or sentence-wise, but I'm wondering if shorter phrases or longer sentences are preferred?

I would love to know more about what most people are doing, and what works best for learners?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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