Closed Captioning displays multiple text boxes when it shouldn't

Mar 01, 2018

Hi All

Thank you for your time. I took audio files and selected "ADD Captions" to write in the closed captioning editor the transcript manually.  There are several audio files along the timeline for each of my slides.  When I preview a slide and select the closed captioning icon, more than one transcript appears when they should be in order along the timeline. What's going on?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kathleen.  That would look pretty confusing - I'm sorry you're seeing that behavior!

I created a timeline that looks like this:

When I previewed, my captions played one at a time, with the exception of my second audio clip showing a quick glance at the second caption frame before the first.  I'm going to look into that anomaly with the team.

Can you share your .story file, Kathleen, so I can have a look at your setup?

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