Closed Captioning Issue with Multiple Audio Files

Hey there, 

     Having an issue with closed captioning. If I add cc's to a slide with multiple audio files and then publish it, the first cc of the second audio file immediately shows on top of the first cc of the first audio file. Those words are not being spoken of course while the first audio clip is being played.

     Please let me know if there is a known fix for this.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

It sounds similar to an issue we saw recently that could be a possible software bug.

I'd love to confirm by taking a look at one of your .story files (even just one slide) would do. Can you share it here with me? 

If I do determine it's the same thing, I'll use your example to share with my team and then I'll update you here once I have any other info.