Closed captioning longer videos...need some help...

I posted in another thread about a method I was using for adding closed captioning to longer videos. This uses a separate video for just the closed captioned words, which by default is hidden by a banner or other graphic.

I had this working rather consistently (except for an issue in HTML5 where my variable was not being updated) but I've modified it a little. I was trying to overcome the HTML5 variable issue I was having, so I tied the triggers to the CC button states instead of to my CC variable.

I threw together a quick demo using a snippet of a public domain movie. You can see how this should function, although the triggers don't seem to work the way (or when) I think they should. I didn't bother editing the poor translation of the audio transcript.

Please let me know if I'm approaching this the wrong way with triggers, variables, and states. I'm hoping someone with much more SL experience can tell me right away what I've done wrong here. Thanks!

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Mike B.

Thanks Christie.

Most of the problems I'm having seem to be caused by Storyline features not working as I would expect them to. This could be a fault on my part, but in my previous project, a button press caused a variable change fine in Flash but not in HTML5. I would call that a bug, unless that functionality is specifically not available in HTML5.

I looked at the Building Better Courses forum, and it doesn't seem to be the appropriate place to post this, given the other posts that are there.

Perhaps I should post my original .story file, where everything worked well, except for in HTML5? Were you able to look at the file I posted?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- 

I took a look at your sample file, and I saw what I believe you mean as far as the caption timing not matching up with the audio/video. Would you be able to post your original file here, or if not, could you please use this form to submit it privately? Also, you may find this thread on Storyline Example: Generating Closed Captions to be of some assistance. 

Mike B.

I said nothing about caption timing not matching up with the audio/video. That's the only problem I'm NOT having. :)  I'll submit my other file privately, as it does contain proprietary info.

I think Steve's solution in that other thread is great, but is just too tedious if one has hours of video in a project. My way seems to work much better for that, if I can just get SL to cooperate. :)