Closed Captioning Question

Aug 04, 2014

Hi Heroes,

I need to close caption a narrated software screen recording demo. I'm using the step-by-step, view mode steps. Here's my approach:

  1. Create a "initial state: hidden" text box (black background with white text) at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Create a "ClosedCaption" variable set to False
  3. Create a "CC" Toggle button located bottom right of screen.
  4. If the learner selects the CC toggle button it changes the ClosedCaption variable to True.
  5. Change state of hidden text box to "Normal" if variable = True to turn on the closed captioning.
  6. If the learner selects the CC toggle button a second time it changes the ClosedCaption variable back to False.
  7. Change state of hidden text box back to "Hidden" if variable = False to turn off the closed captioning.

This works for me great so far...on a single page. Unfortunately, if the closed captioning is "on" for one page, it somehow turns off automatically when advancing to the next page even though the last variable change is True. I would think if the variable if toggled to True, then the next page "hidden" text box should show up as "normal." Not so!

My question: How can I keep the text boxes "normal" page-after-page after I toggle once to True?

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Rita Sedani

Hi Rick! I use a similar concept for my CC courses that utilize a slide layer which contains the closed captioning. I have a CC variable that changes to TRUE when the users clicks on a CC button, and then the CC layers all automatically display throughout the rest of my course.

Not sure why it wouldn't work the same way with a state, but the layers have worked fine for me.

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