Closed captions button color

Mar 15, 2018


I'm able to find the command to change closed captions button color and even "hovering state" color, but I can't find a way to change the button color when it is "on".
Unfortunately, original colors for on and off states are very alike, and it is almost impossible for the user to know when the button has been clicked.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Louise Falcon

Hi Marcos,

I am assuming that you are referring to the default closed caption button for Storyline's player. If you are, have you tried changing the Down Background to notify your learners that it is down?

You can also change other default colors like Normal Background and Hover Background.

Here's how:

1. From the Home Ribbon, open Player Properties.

2. Then when the Player Properties window appears, click Colors and Effects.


3.  From Colors, click Show advanced color editing.

4.  Change the Edit Item by clicking the dropdown and look for Button >> Normal Background, Button >> Down Background and Button >> Hover Background.

5. You can always change the top color and bottom colors according to your preference and branding.

Should you need further assistance, just send a reply to this discussion or send me an email.

Please visit this article for more info on Changing the Player Colors, Font, and Font Size.

Marty Slapnik

I'm seeing this as well.  Before clicking the captions button it is the same color as the volume button.  But when you click it it goes to white, and it doesn't look good.

How can we control the caption button's active state?  Nothing I've tried seems to work.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi USC Marty!

This could be due to the custom colors you have set up for the player buttons. Try this:

  • Click Player to open the Player Properties window.
  • Click Colors & Effects
  • Click Show Advanced Color Editing
  • Under the Edit Item dropdown list, select Button.

What colors are selected for Down Background and Icon?

Marty Slapnik

Here's what I have.  From the screenshot I've defined all the colors for the button backgrounds, none of which are white.  But lo and behold when I preview or publish the course, if I click the captions button it turns the same color as the captions icon.

Should there be another button state to be defined?  Such as Active? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi USC Marty,

Thanks so much for sharing that screenshot. I was able to recreate the same problem using those colors. 

Let me get this in front of my team and see how we can help. I'd agree that adding an additional 'Active' button color setting would be helpful here, so I'll be sure to pass that suggestion along.

As soon as I hear more on this, I'll let you know!

Kristen Llobrera

I found this helpful info in this thread where someone found that the selected state of the CC button mirrors the selected Tab color. Not ideal because now my tab looks funny, but at least the CC button doesn't just turn into a white empty button when it's selected. 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kristen. Thanks for checking in, and I'm sorry you hit this problem!

Our team is still investigating this behavior within the classic player, and I promise to share an update with you in this discussion as soon as we know more.

While I'm glad you found a workaround, we're happy to have a thorough look at your course and that tab to see if there's anything else we can recommend in the meantime. If you're able to share the .story file, please use this private upload link