Closed Captions in SL 360: How to Get Them in Quickly?

Apr 03, 2020


I've looked through the community threads here, and don't see an answer to my concern:

How can I quickly add narration text to the CC tool? The only instructions I'm finding are a tedious process of copying and pasting text from a word doc into the CC fields on individual slides. 

I've got audio files of the narration, and a word doc.

Isn't there a way to import the audio file and have them 'read' into CC?

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Phil Mayor

Youtube has a function where you can paste in a script to a video and then download the set  file and import into storyline.

Or you can get a transcription service to do it for you.

Or you can insert text to speech and paste your text and choose captions then download the set and add to your video, you may need to move some of the bubbles to accommodate the real audio.

Stefanie Lawless

Hi Shari!

If you have Storyline 360, one of my favorite ways to create closed captions on audio is to use Text to Speech to generate the Closed Captions. Then you replace the audio with your real audio using the Replace Audio feature!

About halfway through the following free webinar Part 2: Developing in Storyline 360? we show how to do just that!

I hope that helps!


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