Closed Captions syn issues

Aug 27, 2015


So I am making closed captions as exampled by Tom at

I have made them on a layer and set a CC  button to show/ hide the layer-  easy and even a variable for the next slide. works fine... BUT

When I preview the output the layer timeline does not keep sync with the main timeline... ie halfway through a speech segment I press CC button and it starts the layer at its timeline begining and not at the current playhead position.

Any thoughts?



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Prashant Patil

hi lance,

the timeline of caption layer starts when you press the cc button, so technically its difficult to synchronize time line of side layer with main layer, you can show captions on timeline start and timeline for both layer and base will sync perfectly but then you will not able to hide and show the layer otherwise the synchronization will lost

Lance Elliott

OK, there is a way... kinda.

Make a text variable on the master slide layer. 'caption'

Make a cuepoint #1 where your first text element is.

On the main slide create a trigger with:
Set 'caption' to'insert spoken text here' When timeline reaches Cuepoint #1

Repeat for other cuepoints.

Essentially the button on the master slide turns on the caption layer and in the timeline updates the variable at a given cuepoint. No animation ie fade possible as we are just swapping variables. :(

Hope someone finds this useful,


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