Closing a lightbox breaks my trigger sequence - urgent...

Hi elearning hero's, I am need of your help.  I used someone's view finder template, which I really like, I am sure everything was working two weeks ago.  Today I went back in to do the final edits, and in my Pictogram section when they click a green button to open a lightbox to get more examples and close the lightbox it is breaking and jumping to the last slide.  If they just click the yellow handle and ignore the green button it works.  Bu I am sure this has been working for months...the urgency is this is to go live on Tuesday...any help would be great.  They have to click the green buttons for the lightboxes...Here is the review file, if you go to the Menu, jump down to Pictograms... then I have attached my original file.  I am hoping this is not a break from the last articulate update and just something I broke...

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Teresa Vanderpost

I know it looks like I am having a conversation with myself.  So, it was the latest update.  I went back to install on October 30th (Build 3.21.17083.0)...I didn't change anything (I was sure I had not)...and it works perfectly.  You close the light box and then you can click on the yellow handle to move on.  I uploaded to review the October build to show it works - so not sure is this enough to submit a ticket from here, or should I submit an email ticket.  Essentially I have a slide with 22 layers (yup) and when I close the first lightbox it jumps to the last slide of the set when using the November release install, but works fine when I use the October release install.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for continuing the conversation Teresa. 

I just responded to a similar conversation here so I know that you were able to reach out to our team.

Submitting a ticket or emailing support is really the same thing, but it looks like you handled it perfectly.

This conversation is linked to the report filed as well so that we can pop in with any updates we have to share.