Closing browser window does not update variables


I have a course in wich I control the status of lessons using marks (red, orange, green) controlled by variables. I have seen this issue when we test the course on LMS tested on Internet Explorer 9 (the browser of the client)

1.- We enter a lesson and the variable is set to "2" so the mark comes "orange"

2.- After completion of  a video, that variable is set to 3, so the mark is "green"

3.- If we exit the course with the "quit" button of he LMS, the variables hold the values and when we resume the course, the marks are ok BUT if we close the browser window, the variables seems not to store the last value, and the mark come to orange when it was green.

Thanks for help

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Juanjo Haro

Hi, Christie...

I can share the fike  cause is 1gb size. :)

it seems that the LMS is working fine. What I want to know if the fact to close the browser window may stop the communication with the LMS and cause this behaviour.  We need to tell our client that the correct procedure is to close the LMS properly. 

Ah, it happens on IE9 but on IE11 works fine


Christie Pollick

Hi, Juanjo -- 

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to note that each LMS and browser can have varied behavior in terms of submitting the completion to the LMS, depending on how it's closed. Your best course of action is to test within your system, and share those results with your team. You can always use SCORM Cloud as a baseline, and enable LMS debug mode to see what information is communicated. Please be aware that the exit course trigger/tab is know to have some difficulties, and it may be helpful to review the information here