Closing the Mobile Player Library

I don't see a way to close the Mobile Player Library, so I added an Exit link in my Storyline project so that the user could close the help when finished and return to the application. Unfortunately, the Library still displays. Because there isn't a close button in the Library, the user must press the Home button to close out of the Library before they can return to the application they were using. How can you close the Library without having to press the Home button on the iPad?

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Rhonda Grimm

Thanks for the fast reply! When the user closes the Storyline project, the Library window displays. How do you close the Library window without having to press the round Home button on the iPad? If there were a Close or Exit link within the Library, that would be helpful. It would be preferable if the Library closed automatically when the user exits the Storyline project. In this case, there is no need for the user to go to the Library at all.