Clothing of animated characters doesn't completely cover arms.

Apologies if this has been noted before, however I was unable to find a similar problem.

Some of the characters arms are not completely covered when in particular poses. I have only noticed this on male characters.

The example image I have attached is Male 13 with 'hands out' pose.

Just wondering if there was going to be an update to fix this.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey,

I don't see it as an issue previously reported, so I took a look at this in Storyline 2 Update 11 to confirm what you were seeing. I added that character and made his torso as large as I could on a standard slide size (740 x 520 I believe) and then I zoomed in all the way to 400% on the slide to take a look at him and here is what I saw. I'm certainly not a designer by nature and will admit my eyesight isn't the best (years of computer work and genetics combined!) but it appeared to me fairly minor even at that large and zoomed in rate. I can certainly share this with our team, but I'd love to know more about the impact you're seeing in your courses to include that in my conversations with them. Those specifics are helpful when our team looks at prioritizing and tackling individual bugs, and you can read more about our process here.