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I am new to Storyline and I am trying to make a Cloze exercise for my language learning students. I have watched several Articulate tutorials about making a Cloze but nothing really seems to fit my needs. 

I have a 700 word story with about 20 vocabulary words missing. And I want the students to read the story and drag and drop (or fill in the blank) to get the right vocabulary word in the right space. I am able to make this in I-spring Quizmaker and here is the link ( Does anyone have an idea as to how I can pull this off with Storyline?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Avery - yes I do believe you could do what you want. Here's a simple example I threw together:

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So yes, you can definitely create audio that will play/pause, and you can create drag/drop items that the learner has to arrange in the appropriate places. The one thing I did notice is that although you can create a scrolling panel in Storyline, it's currently not possible to use items within the scrolling panel as drop targets, if the learner needs to scroll to reach them. What you could do, however, if you have lots of long blocks of text to display and it won't fit on a regular sized slide, is consider spreading your text across multiple slides, or change your Story Size of your course, so that the text fits within your slide the way you want.

Avery William

Jeannette, you are awesome!

I followed your example, used the tutorials and actually made it work. Thank you so much for your great ideas, your clear explanations and your quick response! It is totally possible to make my Cloze now! Sweet! I even borrowed your formatting, color choices and your layout.