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I'm trying to use a slider for choosing between scenes. The slider only has 3 stops - 1 for an office scene, 2 for the base layer, and 3 for a clinical scene. The slider starts at 1 and ends at 3, with an initial setting of 2 and a step of 1. The slider updates "When slider is dragged". 

When the user first visits the base layer the slider functions well; however, when the user navigates back to it after leaving it completely (hitting the Prev button on the next slide), the slider behaves oddly, and the navigation is clunky. The slider doesn't seem to quickly respond (or respond at all) to the change in the slider. I've seen beautiful uses of sliders in other projects, with the slider cleanly and smoothly revealing something when the user clicks and drags. I don't seem to have that ability; I'm sure I'm missing something. 

I thought I mitigated this problem by setting the "When revisiting" state to "Reset to initial state" on the base layer and the sub-layers featuring the scenes, but that doesn't seem to help.

I can fix all this by not using the slider at all and having buttons that say "office" and "clinical" or something, but I'd like to try something different. Of course, though, usability is the ultimate decider; I'll pitch the slider if need be. I was just hoping to use this project as an experiment for using sliders more often in the future. If this clunky navigation persists, however, I'll leave them alone. 

Any suggestions? The file is attached. I appreciate the help!

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Michael Hinze

I'm not sure why you have this additional 'Baselayer' layer. It seems to be a replicate of the slide's actual baselayer. I deleted that layer, revised/added a couple of triggers and also set the slider variable when the timeline starts. Have a look at the attached file and see if that fixes your problem.

Heather Vogt

I'm talking to myself here, but I *think* I figured out a way to make the navigation less clunky. I'm not 100% sure though. I just removed the Base Layer component of my navigation, having the scene only show up if the slider is on 1 (show office scene) or 3 (show clinical scene).

I'm still getting odd behavior when I return to the slide though (hitting the Prev button on the next slide); the slider won't reset to the initial state of being on position 2, which I thought was the point of setting the When revisiting state to Reset to initial state.


Heather Vogt

Michael, I had the duplicated Base Layer because someone in another slider thread did that. Initially, I was having problems with using the same slider over the course of a base layer and sub-layers (so the user wouldn't get stuck on the sub-layers). Someone on another thread suggested duplicating the base layer and using that as a "stop" in the navigation so the user wouldn't get stuck. I was able to redesign the slide so the base layer slider was visible on the sub-layers, eliminating the need for the Base Layer stop (I just didn't remove that stop). 

Back to your solution: This does seem more fluid! Thanks! In addition to the Slider Design having an initial value of 2 (which I set in the Ribbon), I see you also set a slide trigger that sets my SLDR variable equal to 2 when the Timeline Starts. I thought that's what I was doing when choosing the "Reset to initial state" setting, but I see how this Slide Trigger forces that to happen too! Thanks! 

I also see you added "Hide layer" triggers; I guess I don't understand how any of this works when I specifically said "Hide other slide layers" on the sub-layers.

Between the "Reset to initial state" setting and the "Hide other slide layers" setting, I don't understand why you'd have to manually set up a Slide Trigger to force the slider variable to be at an initial value I already set in Slider>Design (and is reiterated with "Reset to initial state") and why you'd have to manually set up a "Hide layer" trigger when I specifically said "Hide other slide layers".

Thanks for any insight! And thanks for your solution!

Michael Hinze

"Reset to initial state" resets the state of objects in a slide, e.g. a selected radio button being reset to Normal. It does not however reset variable values. To make sure that the slider thumb is reset to the middle (2) position, I added that trigger. Since I deleted the additional Baselayer, I also needed to add a way to shows the (actual) baselayer again when the slider moves back to 2. That's why I added the two Hide Layer triggers. Hope that makes sense.

Heather Vogt

As I was typing out my confusion I began to understand what was going on! According to the Trigger panel, setting the Slider to 2 hides the sub-layers, Office and Waiting room; this leaves the base layer as the only layer showing. Got it!

HOWEVER, upon revisiting, my slider thumb is in the place it was last left - 1 or 3 - but the base layer is somehow still showing up! How is that possible when, in the Trigger panel, I only want the Office or the Waiting room layers to show up when the slider is on 1 or 3, respectively?

I see your project resets the thumb to 2, but mine doesn't. I reattached the tweaked project - with ours side-by-side in different scenes - if you want to check it out. I guess I could just copy and paste your project into mine, but I want to rebuild it myself so I can understand what's happening.

Thanks again for your time and energy!

Heather Vogt

But I do have a slide trigger that resets the slider variable to 2 when the Timeline starts. My project is set up just the same as yours; I'm just not seeing the reset behavior.

Here's our Trigger panels side by side (yours on the left, mine on the right):

In looking at the Variables Manager, I see the variables are somehow being crossed incorrectly. What a mess. 

I'm done with this for now. I'm just going to stick with a button. 

Thanks for your help, Micheal!

Michael Hinze

Because you duplicated the scene, the slider in your scene is now controlled by a different variable "SLDRSceneChange2". See attached a revised file where I edited the trigger in your scene and it now works. I could have also changed the variable name that is connected to your slider to "SLDRSceneChange".

Heather Vogt

I'm a liar. I didn't leave it alone. Instead, I cleared everything out and started over (the opposite of leaving it alone).

With a clean slate I seem to have it sorted out (thanks to Michael), BUT I still have this odd behavior - in my Show layer and Hide layer trigger set-ups my slider is referred to as Slider1 rather than the name I gave it (SLDRSceneChange). I don't have any other option than to choose this phantom Slider 1.

Check it:

While everything seems to work navigating back and forth, and I don't have a random Slider1 variable in my Variables Manager box (I think criss-crossed variables is what caused my problem in the previous conversations above), my little brain doesn't understand how this can work when the Slider in the Trigger isn't equal to the Slider I created.

Here's my Variables Manager (there isn't a Slider 1 variable):

Thank you to the wonderful Community! I can't leave well enough alone when I don't understand!! I need to translate this into other projects, so I need to "get it". Thank you 1000X over!