Hi... I'm creating a demo course wich will be used in SABA 5.4 and i having a lot of troubles...

On of this is that the client reports that cmi.core.exit can not have the value "suspend"

-- LMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit","suspend") has been invoked---

What is the purpuse of cmi.core.exit?

And what i need to know is, how can i send another value? Ins any line in some javascript to control that?


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Juanjo Haro

Hi Brian... i've just used that file. Previously the client reported that the course send a score raw of 0 and the student fails. Using that file seems this problem solved but the cmi.core.exit is still "suspend" so i'm looking for a place to modify this in the scormfunctions.js if possible...

I'm using Reload Scorm Player and (with that downloaded file) the cmi.core.exit is "" but in the SABA platforms gets "suspend"

I don't know if is normal to get "suspend" when you finish the course with the quizz passed..

Juanjo Haro

Yes, i've tested in Scorm Cloud and the cmi.core.exit gets "unkown" instead of "" or "suspend"

I've tested the content in the Reload Scorm PLayer and In Scorm Cloud modifyng this line in the scormfunctions and the Scorm PLayers gets the value "logout" as I exit so, i found the line to modify this, but , what i don't understand, is that line is "" when i send it to SABA and they get "suspend"

WriteToDebug("Setting Exit");

//blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", SCORM_TranslateExitTypeToSCORM(strExitType)) && blnResult;

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", "logout") && blnResult;

there is another similar line in the function SCORM_Initialize() This work to send another values at the start of the course

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", "") && blnResult;

Why in SABA gets suspend instead of ""? ¿?¿?¿ Why SABA exists? XDDD