cmi.suspend_data length getting a bit out of hand

May 24, 2012

Quick question for anyone who may be "in the know."  We've built a fairly large course with lots of layers and variables and are hitting the SCORM 1.2 limit for suspend data length.  About 2/3 through the course we hit over 4096 characters in the suspend data.  

I've read, but none of the solutions are really viable since we want tracking, this certification course is about as lean as we can get it and publishing to 2004 doesn't really work if you have a 1.2 LMS.  What I'm wondering is if I set slides to "Reset to initial state" does it still track what you've done in them in the suspend data?

We're working with our developers to see if we can change the limit, but there seem to be a bunch of different layers in our application that want to limit data to the magical 4000 character limit which used to be max for SQL databases.  

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Peter Zaidel

We finally worked out all the limits out of our LMS - the suspend data length got to over 8,000 characters.  I really don't need any tracking other than "I saw this slide" for probably 75% of the slides in the course.  Has there been any consideration on ways to reduce the size of this string?   I know it's already compressed, which makes me think you're storing quite a bit of data in there.  Which brings me back to my question.  If a slide is set to "Reset to initial state," does Storyline still track all of the interactions on the slide?  Thanks!

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Peter!  I feel your pain.  We had the same issues with Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker.

One thing we could do there, was turn off resume for any inserted Engage interactions and Quizmaker "check your knowledge"  type of questions and then only have it on for the final quiz.

Don't think we can do that yet in Storyline.  It doesn't offer, I believe, that level of granularity with resume.  Seems to be all or nothing right now.

So we can ask Articulate for more resume options here with feature requests.

Or we turn off resume completely.

Ultimately, down the road, the solution may be something like Project Tin Can and support there for this.

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