CMS and SL Project

Aug 14, 2012

I have an interesting situation that I was wondering if anyone perhaps had some thoughts on a solution.

We have a secured site through a CMS that will authenticate users and provide them content.  I created an SL project and hosted it on AWS S3 and provided the link and content to the hosting provider.  They can't secure the main link because it is an ".html" extension and not a standard file for download expected by the CMS. So it doesn't work in security.

If someone copies the link from S3, it will work for them outside of security, and we want to avoid that sharing and avoid putting a password inside the content too.

They think it will work if we can use .asp or some other related browser extension.  Plus I think it another solution is if we can completely hide the S3 link.   I still have to check into S3 link expiration or masking, but thought I'd through it out there for any thoughts.



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