Code for certificates

I am trying really hard to develop a generic certificate I can use for the Storyline projects I develop.

I want to have:

  • company header and footer as .png files.
  • Course title
  • participant name
  • date
  • score or pass/fail
  • print button

Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with code that I can get what I want on screen. Are there any tutorials available or guides I can follow on how to do this? Or could you email me a report file with the hard stuff done??

Many thanks for your help and for providing the many tutorials I have viewed already.


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Jody!

Articulate software does not currently support certificates of completion.  If you'd like to suggest this feature, please submit your request to our product development team for review.

In the meantime there are some pretty awesome methods you can try out. Keep in mind that these methods aren't supported by Articulate.

Forum thread (awesome post by Steve Flowers - may also be a great discussion to join)

Example files: Generating a certificate from Storyline

Article (though this refers to Quizmaker, you can use this for Storyline courses as well)

Creating certificates by customizing the report.html file


Web Object PHP to Generate a Custom  Certificate of Completion

Good luck on the project!