Collapsed menu as default in New Player controls

May 31, 2018

**Addendum: FOUND IT. right under my nose. I'm as happy as a something in clover....**

Thank heavens for the new update v3.16! I was worried articulate was planted firmly in the latter 20th century with the UI for the player.

My question is simple though: can we have the menu bar collapsed as a default, please?

If any one can tell me where I've missed a radio button or check box, I'd be mighty grateful.

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Alistair Terry

Excellent! Thank you Alyssa!


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Nadia Zaid

Is "sidebar starts collapsed" only an option with the built-in players and not an option for custom players?

I used to at least be able to collapse the menu manually so the course would start with the menu collapsed but I'm no longer able to do this and the above-described option isn't showing up in my player options. (I'm using Storyline 360). Is there a workaround that will allow the learner to start with the menu collapsed? 

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