Collating Results from different Question Banks and tracking on LMS

Mar 18, 2020

I am currently working on generating a pre-assessment SCORM pack to collate a set of questions from various modules that learners will be tasked to take, should they fail to score 100% on the quiz. 

I have some questions before moving on to create this SCORM pack:

- Is there a way for me to present three sets of scores attained on 3 modules s on an individual slide?

- If yes, can the tracking on LMS (when published) detect the individual scores for each module?

- Would you recommend creating separate question banks for each module, followed by a results/feedback slide or one question bank with a random selection of questions across module and give learners an overall score?


Appreciate any help i can get!

Thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Qian!

Great questions! I wish I had examples that I could show you, but I know others in the community have created a similar interaction! I hope they'll share their tips as well.

I can contribute by sharing what is controlled in Storyline!

There is an option for a results slide to report the scores or report other results slides. Since an LMS only reports one results slide, you'll want to use the second option; report other results slides. 

I'm interested to hear how others approach question banks and results slides when there are multiple topics!

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