Collect form data in Storyline?

I am using an embedded Jot Form in my Rise course to collect employee data when they complete the course. 

By doing this, the employee gets credit for completing the module simply by opening it - I can't require they fill out all the Jot Form fields.

I am trying to figure out if I can use Storyline to create a form that will allow me to collect unique user data (yes/no, text fields) and also verify they complete it before getting credit for completing the module.

Thank you in advance!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lisa!  You can use Storyline to require completion of your Rise course, but the data shared in the Storyline portion won't be communicated to (or through) Rise.

If your course were built entirely with Storyline, you could absolutely collect user data directly.  Currently, Rise's data collection is more in the arc of quiz questions with right and wrong answers.

It sounds like your needs are to both require full completion of the form and to collect that data.  For open-ended and survey questions, Storyline would be the best tool at this time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

It'll depend on what your data collection needs are - if you build this in Storyline using quizzes, text entry fields, etc. you'll want to keep it in Storyline and upload to your  Learning Management System (LMS). Here's the data we'll send to your LMS from Storyline. 

If you'll still be building it using Jot form, you can embed that in Storyline and publish that standalone or add it to Rise as a block. It sounds like Jot form will capture and track the data outside of Articulate? 

If you were to build a Storyline course to capture learner answers and responses, you can still add that as a Rise block, but the individual data and answers won't be reported to an LMS. It'll only be able to track completion based on the Rise settings.