Collect learner "stories" from text box?

Awhile back I built a course in Captivate that collected learner questions in a text box as a variable then sent that to a Google spreadsheet (where they could be collected for an ILT).

Would like to redo this but am wondering if there's an easier way to do it.  

The instructions on doing this in Storyline seem a little daunting, maybe there's an easier way to do this or maybe the Storyline method is easier then it looks.

Any thoughts? 

Ty in advance,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Joe! The only method I've seen in the forums for this is to send the storyline variables to a google spreadsheet so that you'll have a record of each question and students results. This article may help you get started, and you can read more about that in this thread where David asked a similar question. 

Hopefully some of your fellow community members will be able to offer their ideas/suggestions, as well!