collecting course variable without LMS


I have created a SL file for the visiors of our site to view. The file has been published to LMS format but is "NOT"being used on an LMS and the html5 link is accessible to whoever visits our website. Recently I have decided to collect tge viewers' emails so I can use them in our newsletter later. I know I can create a field where users can be asked to type in their emails (which will be recorded as a variable) Is there any way I can collect this information without an LMS? I read somewhere that I can add a web object which is linked to a google docs but web objects have proven to be a bit problematic on some devices in our experience. Is there a Java code that can be used ? If so may I ask what it is? I have zero knowledge on Java BTW. Also can I still publish to LMS format ( I wish to keep the file link on my website unchanged as it has been indexed by google and I assume changing the publish format may change the name and format of the output file meaning the link will also change.

I would appreciate your help

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Matthew Bibby

The easiest way to do this would be to use this approach.

Changing the publish format doesn't change the name of the course and likely won't be an issue with the situation you've described. 

It just depends, are you linking people directly to ~/story.html? If so, I'd publish for Web rather than LMS.