Collecting Scores Using Survey Likert Question

Jun 11, 2020

I am trying to add the points up for each survey Likert question to give a section results and a total results.  My plan is to have 6 slides of questions, 6 Likert questions per slide, 5 responses (1-5) per question.  I would like to get the total points selection on each slide and display them on the results page. That way I can get it to look like this:

Section A: 26

Section B: 30


My question can I collect and display the points on the Survey Likert question?  I even thought about creating my own Likert slide with radio buttons and button sets, but the amount of triggers to do what I want is astronomical.  I'm hoping for an easier solution.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Don!

This sounds like a great build! To do show the results of a Likert question, I'd recommend using variables that track what is displayed on the results slide. As you mentioned, depending on the number of scale and number of questions this would require an assortment of triggers.

I'm also interested in hearing other approaches from community members! I'll keep an eye on any other workarounds I see in other discussions.

Don Becker

Thanks Lauren!  I just went ahead and started building my own with all the triggers I need.  It is working out really well so far.  The only issue I am coming across is if someone selects an option, then changes their mind and selects something else.  Both points are being scored instead of the one selected.  I tried a bunch of timings and triggers and couldn't get a decent solution.  I've just decided to cross my fingers and that only non-indecisive people take this quiz.  :)

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