Color code for progression

Jul 07, 2014

Hello everybody,

I am on Storyline to build an e-learning training course. This one include an interactive summary with tabs which are linked to each of the screen of the training course. 

And I added a color code to the summary to show the progression of the user. I used for that some variables which permit tabs to change color if the user have a look at it or not. 

I tried a publication to test this functionality, but when I close my browser and re-open it after, it ask me if I want to resume the saved state of the course. I clicked "yes" but my summary looked like as if I did nothing. The progression with the color doesn't appear.

Can anybody help me please ?

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Robert Lengacher

Boris, Would it be possible to upload your project file? I think that might help us pinpoint the issue. If there are intellectual property concerns, you might be able to post it and just remove all the content from the pages. 

Based on what you've said, it sounds like your variables are resetting to their initial states even though you are resuming the entire course.

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