Color fill in multiple response gives away correct answers!

Nov 25, 2013

I'm experiencing a problem with color fill of the separate answers in a multiple response quiz question in Storyline.  When displayed in the published version, the correct answers’ backgrounds are NOT filled, but the incorrect responses are.  That’s an obvious give away when learners catch on. Can I correct it, or do I have to do something else?  I have screen captures to show if needed.  

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Frank  Bialas

Thanks, Ashley.  Holly's post is exactly the same problem as mine.   Hers is more obvious as she uses a dark color to fill the answer text boxes.  I used partly transparent pastels.

Here is my published quiz slide. The first three answer text boxes are not filled. See next image.

 The text boxes that were not filled with color in the quiz slide are indeed the correct answers in this multiple response question. When checked, their fill colors appear!  See...

I can't be giving away the correct answers, but I would like to use this design.  It visually differentiates each possible response from the others and the background, especially when I have long answers.  I have used a colored fill for the whole answer box in other quizzes, like Holly's work-around.  I'd rather have individually filled text boxes for each answer in this situation and others similar to come.

Have any more thoughts on this malfunction?  You may be able to recreate the problem by inserting a new multiple response question with four or five possible answers, entering some text in each answer, then formatting the answer text boxes from slide view.


Frank  Bialas

Turns out that this is such a simple matter to fix my 'problem' that I'm almost embarassed that I asked the question. I just hit upon the reason why the color fill of my correct answer text boxes doesn't show until they are selected. It's because they were formatted that way from Slide view.

In Slide view the correct answer text boxes have been selected already, so when formatted it is the SELECTED state of the text box that gets formatted with the fill, not the NORMAL state.  Solution... Edit States of the text boxes that are the correct answers and add the fill to the NORMAL state also! 

Alison L Coops

There seems to be something basic that I'm missing.  I'm working in Quizmaker '13.  I had questions (originally from a Quizmaker '09 file) where the answer boxes were not as wide as the multiple choice box itself causing appearance problems.  I widened the width of each answer box in slide view to match the width of the multiple choice box.  I preview the question.  It looks fine, but when I hover over an answer, it changes to the narrow width boxes.  I can't find anything about a "hover state" for answer boxes.  Help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison, 

Within Quizmaker you don't have the same set up in regards to modify "hover" states like you do in Storyline, but if you'd like us to take a look at what is happening please share your .quiz file here with us. If you'd prefer to share it privately, you can also send it along to our team here.