Color in the dropdown menus.


For a couple of days I'm using 360. When selecting the dropdown menu for changing the color for text, background and FORMAT items the colors are all shades of grey. When I open a file that is made by someone else I do get some of the colors displayed again like the Shape Effect>glow menu. When I mouse over an item in this menu I do see the 'Accent color 3, 24px glow'. So the color number is there but the color itself is a shade of grey.

Is there anybody who knows how to get the colors back?




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Katie Riggio

Hey, Paul. Nice detective work there!

Since you mentioned you just started using Storyline 360, I wanted to share its User Guide. It'll provide you with a solid foundation for using all the cool features it has to offer!

Articulate 360 has other goodies to offer, so be sure to check them all out! 🌟