Color map: Theme Colors / Design menu / Font and shape colors

I really like Allison LaMotte's  theme colors cheat sheet.

As I tinkered with Storyline 2, I noticed some differences in the order of the colors on the sample palettes. 

I made this map to help me see where a color I choose in the "new theme colors" window will show up on the color dropdown in the Design menu, or on the palettes you see when changing the color of a font, shape fill, or shape outline. 

Storyline theme color map



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Dave Ferguson

You're welcome, Veronica. (And I fixed what I think was an error in the link to Allison's theme color cheat sheet.)

I sometimes had trouble telling two similar colors apart. This execise also showed me, for example, where to find Accent 1 (color E in my labeling) on the shape fill menu. And since that's the default shape fill / checkbox / radio button color, I can save time by making sure that's the fill color I want in a custom theme palette.