Color Scheme Formats

The company that I work at has a marketing department which uses a specific color scheme. The scheme is saved as an Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) file. Is there any way to use that file in Storyline 2 to maintain a consistent color scheme in our training modules, or does marketing need to save it as a different format to work in Storyline 2?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Darin -- Thanks for reaching out, and while I am not familiar with use of an ASE file, I did want to stop in to share the following resources in case they may be of assistance:

And perhaps others in the community will be able to weigh in with some additional recommendations! :)

Darin Fennell

Thanks Christie for the resources. They provide some great information. I noticed in the discussion about custom themes it talks about where to go to browse custom themes. I was curious, since my trial ran out, what file extension these custom themes have.  I thought they might be XML, but am not sure. Worst case scenario, I could probably open our company color scheme in another program and either write down each color used or use the color picker in Storyline to select each color.

Thanks again!