Color Shift in Step by Step Screen Record

Aug 23, 2020

I am experiencing a nasty colour shift in my Screen recording when inserted as a step by step.  I have tried changing the encoding quality  but it makes no difference. I have put it on Review for you to look at...

If you look at the red background the colour changes evrey time the mouse is clicked, which basically make it unusable.  Has anyone seen this before and have a fix or even a work around?

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Sam Hill

Hi Adrian, I think you might struggle to fix that issue. You are right, it is the compression trying to get the smallest file size and you are seeing those shifts in colour as new panels are opened and the image is re-evaluated for compression. I think it is struggling because the interface is so busy.

If it makes you feel any better, it still looks usable to me, but agree the colour shift is distracting as it does feel like it shifts the position of the screen by a pixel as well.


Adrian Harvey

Hi Sam

That's what worries me, usable... probably, but unprofessional...definitely.  There is nothing I can do about the busy interface, that's the way the software is.  Hopefully Articulate staff can give me an idea how to fix it, I never had the issue in "the other program". My sense is (but its hard to tell) that Articulate uses still frames and just animates the cursor, It seems to compress differently in the cursor animation part and the transition part

Sam Hill

Yes, agreed it isn't professional looking and would be better to have more control of the compression. You'd like to have a full quality capture that you can then determine the compression. I wonder also if it is because the capture is inserted in steps, rather than a continuous video? Do you get a different result if you insert on a single slide I wonder?

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