Colors appear different from client mock-up

Hi everyone,

A client has provided a mock-up of their desired GUI that was built in Photoshop, along with the hexcodes for the various elements (e.g., slide background, player background, etc.) However, when I use the codes in SL2, their chosen colors appear visibly different.

Has anyone run into this, or have any idea why this is happening? Could it be a color profile/configuration issue between their monitor and how colors are treated in published SL2 content?

I have checked some of the problem hexcodes, and they're not web safe, but I haven't found where SL2 warns against using non-web safe colors, or any information about how colors are handled differently.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Ken Resner

"Could it be a color profile/configuration issue between their monitor and how colors are treated in published SL2 content?"

Yep ... now add to that:

  • Your PC platform/OS
  • Your monitor
  • Your color calibration method/accuracy

then throw in SL just to make even more fun. Welcome to the wacky and often convoluted (especially if you're a PC user with "run of the mill" monitors not intended for color critical applications) world of color management! 

I would not assume SL to be user friendly nor accurate when it come s to color managed projects of even modest demands ... hopefully others will dispel that assumption.

May the force be with you on this one :-]

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

I know that as Ken mentioned there could be a number of different factors here - but if you're seeing it as expected on your system and it's only went sent to the client that they're noticing a difference I'd look into the "environmental" factors such as monitor settings and such. If you'd like our team to take a look we're always happy to as well and you can send us the .story file and color codes by reaching out to our Support team here. 

Michael Jones

Thanks, Ashley!

We were able to confirm that it is tied to their chosen colors not being web-safe and the number of environmental issues that both you and Ken mentioned. My monitors are calibrated, so I didn't notice as much variation as others were reporting.

I  did find that the colors display differently between my Windows virtual machine and the Mac sides of my own machine, even with the monitors calibrated. But that was a very small difference that was only discernible by using the ColorZilla Chrome extension.

Thanks again to Ken and Mike for weighing in--I appreciate it!