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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Z!

I'm not entirely sure which type of quiz question that is, looks like a multiple response? In either case, you should be able to modify the highlight color through Design>Colors. If you haven't already, you may want to check out our tutorial on Working with Theme Colors.

If you can tell me what type of quiz that is, or share your .STORY file here, I can try to tell you exactly which color you'd want to modify.


Alison L Coops

Same question.  Nothing seems to work for me.  I've changed Control 1 and a whole bunch of things in the quiz template (I'm in quizmaker). Like the example here I'm working with a black background and the hover over color is a very dark gray, almost impercepibly different than the black. It's almost like the hover over color is nearly transparent, having very little effect on the black background.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alison,

Depending on the question type you're using (this should work for the majority of them), you can change the highlight color in a very similar method and the one I mentioned earlier in the thread. It's just a little different for Quizmaker.

To do so, open one of your questions and open "Slide View" for the question. From here, click on the "Design" tab, followed by the "Colors" menu. From that drop-down menu, select "Create New Theme Colors". Here, you'll want to modify the color for "Accent 1". 

It should look something like this:

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for popping in to share Jen! I didn't here back from Jan, so hopefully she was able to resolve her issue as well.

You could reach out to her via the 'Contact Me' option on her user profile if you wish though, in case she is no longer subscribed.

Your sharing could help someone in the future for sure.

Kyle Main

Does anyone know how to change the roll-over color for a quiz that is drag to arrange the order?

I've tried changing all of the colors in the Theme colors - Design > colors 

and manually and the states option was locked without an option at all.

Thanks for any help!

Also are there any other quizzes that may not let you change or remove the light-blue roll-over - Or have other issues, so we can plan around these or keep using them to fit our branded colors?