Column Headings in Excel Export of Moodle SCORM Interactions Report

Jun 16, 2016

I would like to be able to change the column headings in a Moodle SCORM interactions report exported to Excel. I created the SCORM in Storyline 2. The column headings at the moment read 'Question 0', 'Response 0', 'Question 1', 'Response 1' etc. I suspect these are built by an array somewhere (since they start at 0). But is this something I can customize in the Storyline source, or is it a Moodle thing?


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Dan Marsden

it's a Moodle string -you can change the text using the language customisation interface in Moodle but it will apply to all SCORM packages on the site - you can't use different column names in each SCORM package on your site.

the strings you are looking for are in the scormreport_interactions.php file (shown in the language customisation screen)

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