Combined Results slide in SL3 is not following slide properties

I have created a course with 2 assessments to be combined into one results slide for an overall score. There is a results slide for each assessment as the student needs to pass both. I have updated the final results slide properties to User must pass each quiz, but when it is goes to my LMS, it will pass the user based on the combined score (effectively ignoring this property). So if they fail the second assessment, it still passes the student. Is there something else I should be doing besides this property? A trigger on the results slide or something? Can anyone assist?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Katrina. I'm happy to help!

A few questions to make sure I'm on the same page:

It sounds like you have a master results slide that's tracking the other two individual results slides with the User must pass each quiz option enabled—similar to my screenshot below. Is that right?


And when you're publishing for LMS, are you selecting the master results slide for the Track using quiz result tracking option?

Also, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file with me for testing? That way, I can take a thorough look at your slide properties and settings for the best guidance. If that works for you, please use this private upload link!

Katrina Piotroski

Yes, I have the User must pass each quiz, and yes, I am selecting the master results slide when publishing. I have attached the quizzes and results slides from the course as Job Specific Compliance - CC TEST ; I have tested it to ensure it is working the way the course does in its entirety.

I have attached the answers to the quizzes. The issue occurs when the student scores a over 90 on the first section and over 70 on the second section (even the first time). Passing score for both sections is 80.