Combining a group of sound files, save or export sound / audio

Oct 08, 2013

Hi Guys

I was just thinking the following, it would be so nice if we could select multiple audio files and save as one file, just like we select multiple images and save as one image.

Is there any easy way to save this group of sound files as one file?

Also, I heard something about that for HTML 5 it needs to be one audio file per slide, or is this one file playing at one time?

The image shows a set of audio files(narrator) which I would like to export as one file.

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Antony Snow

Hi Byron,

I don't think you can combine the audio files that are currently in your project but you can combine those that are saved to your PC via the audio editor:

  • After inserting your first file, right-click on the speaker icon that is off-stage and select Audio Editor
  • Click on the wave form to place the play-head where you want to add a further audio file and then click Import
  • Navigate to the file location of the second audio file and then click on [Open]
  • Repeat this for all of the audio files you want to combine and then click Save & Close

If you want to export this new audio file for future use; 

  • Click on the Articulate logo in the top-left of the audio editor
  • Select Export, navigate to the file location you want to save the new file to, select the appropriate option from the 'Save as type@' drop down and then click on Save

I hope this helps

byron tik

Hi Antony and Ashley,

Thanks for your replies, 

Antony, that works great, I'l use the import and export files functionality from the audio editor, very handy for when I am cropping or editing audio files and would like to save them for later use or keeping my project tidy for handover.

Ashley, it seems like the answer is to include the articulate mobile player in the publish, this allows  the play-ing of  multiple media resources on the same slide, I assume this also includes small video snippets.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Byron, 

Yes, if you're looking to play multiple audio files/videos you'll want to publish for the AMP. Remember, that this app is only currently available for the iPad - so if you have users who are accessing it via an Android device, they won't be able to access the course in the app. Although Android is not officially supported, there may be elements that work. 

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