Combining a video file with other regular screen content?

What solutions might come to mind for a screen that begins with text/graphics, then plays a video file, then more text/graphic content? If I am using a seekbar on this screen then I wouldn't show a video controller bar. Not quite sure how I can integrate these 2 types of media on a single screen and sync the video file to work with the seekbar and then to the rest of the regular content correctly. All input appreciated. Thanks.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Richard!

Are you using Storyline 2? If so you can use a trigger to show something (a layer) when the timeline reaches, then have the layer hide and other content to show when timeline reaches another point in the slide. Just make sure in the video layer , you pause the timeline of the base layer in the layer properties, and if you need its own seekbar, you can set the allow seeking to "yes"