Combining Browser Scaling and Zoom

In order to address the Accessibility needs of one of your clients, we are looking for a way to utilize the ability to have the Storyline 360 content scale with the browser and also allow the user to use the browser's zoom/magnification ability. The content is being output as HTML5 Only.

From our tests so far in order to make use of the browser's zoom/magnification ability we need to set the player to "lock player at optimal size", and in order to have it scale with the browser we need to have it set to "scale player to fill browser window". We have not been able to find a solution to successfully combine the two.

Is there a solution within Storyline 360 that would allow us to meet the accessibility requirements of this client? Perhaps a way to give the content a maximum size to scale to in order to allow the use of the browser's zoom function while still scaling down should the browser window shrink down past the optimal size?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, SwissVBS. Would it work to make your courses with a large story size and the following player settings:

The course will launch in a new window that scales the browser up to take advantage of the large slide size, and because the player is locked, you'll be able to take advantage of browser zoom. 

Let me know if that helps!