Combining multiple files into one file?

I was working on a file, which I thought was getting two large, so I split into multiple files.  Essentially, one file for each scene.  I now realize that because I want  to have one fluid MENU (i.e. Table of Contents) for all the files - so I think I need to combine them back into one file!

My questions are:

#1. Can I import scenes from several different storyline files into one?  If so, how do I do this?

#2. Does anyone know what is the optimum file size for Storyline files?  Meaning, how do I know when I am maxing out a file?

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Jill McNair

Hi Gillian,

Phis is right - and I think that he is one of those people who made one of those really large files with his Periodic Table project!

If you are unsure how to import - here are some written instructions:  If you prefer video - here is a screenr I did for a Quiz Template I made - ignore the first half - the second half shows how to import: