Combining Storyline files

Apr 23, 2013

I can successfully import slides or entire story from other Storyline projects, but the Menu doesn't import. I have three "finished" projects I want to put into one Storyline for review, but the import function picks up all of the slide names in the "Slide Layers" box and puts them into the menu instead of  the editied menu I put so much effort into getting just right. How can I import both slides and menu from another story?    

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Gary Courington

Simply stated, I have two completed programs. I want to combine them into one Story. I did extensive editing on the Menu (changing slide names, deleting slides from the Menu, etc.)  of the Story I'm importing. When I combine them, the slides from the imported Story are fine, but the menu is not the edited menu I worked on, the slide titles from the imported Story are imported into the combined Story Menu, not the edited Menu.  

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