Command key for MacOS learners

Mar 29, 2022

What if I have a Storyline interaction that asks the learner to press the Ctrl key on a Windows machine, but I want to accommodate the same action for a learner using a Mac (which would be to press the Command key)? I haven't figured out how to set the expected keystroke for an action to Command, since my Windows keyboard does not include that key.

In the attached image, you can see the dilemma for a Mac user, where the learner is asked to multi-select items in a list.

Thanks in advance!

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Sam Hawkins

Hi Jay!

You can copy and past the command symbol ⌘ from here since it looks like you'll only need it a handful of times. If you'll be needing the command symbol frequently Unicode is U+2318, or HTML &#8984, or hold down the Alt key while you type 8984 on the numeric keypad.

I always just copy and paste though since I need that symbol so rarely.

Hope that helps!

Jay Russo


Thanks for the info about the ⌘ symbol, but what I'm looking for is a way to program Storyline to accept a ⌘ keystroke.

I'm looking for is advice on how to accommodate a learner using a Mac, who would press command in a demo I'm building. The demo is asking the learner to select multiple, non-contiguous items. In Windows, this is through Ctrl+click. In MacOS, this is through ⌘+click.