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Crystal Horn

Hey there Dhas.  We don't have a way to bulk or batch publish projects at this time.  I can understand the value in that feature, and we'd love it if you could submit a feature request to our product development team for review!  

When we release an update that affects existing course content, we do have an updater tool that will update your previously published files.  Info on that tool can be found here.

As far as JavaScript goes, we can't provide support for modification of the files, but perhaps other community members can weigh in.


We don't want  any script.

Please help us, Is there any option through(ex: javascript) to take the key actions and automate the back process.

In  photoshop if we want to do a builk action. i can record a macro. If i run the macro from the folder, it will do the action in all the files in the folders. is there any type of solution available  with articulate. please help us this.  Its urgent work.

We  are  having huge amount of storyline needs to publish  in to scorm. The  manual conversion is  taking  lot of time.  please advice me on this.




skype: dhascruz




Crystal Horn

Hey there Dhas.  So the short answer is, no- Articulate doesn't offer a supported way to automate the publishing process.

Perhaps some community members can offer any other insight!

PS-  Replying via email includes your signature/contact info.  You can come back and edit that out of your post if you wish.