Text labels in galego (galician) . Commands in galician. Comandos en galego, Textos e etiquetas en galego

Mar 30, 2015

Hi to everybody!

I worked on a projet in galician (one of spanish lznguages). SO I had to translate all the comands, I mean text labels.

SO, I leave it here for all of you If you need it.

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Xacobo de Toro Cacharrón

Hi Ashley. In Spain we speak Spanish all over the country, but also catalan in Catalonia (Cataluña), euskaro or vasc in Euskadi (Vasc Coutry ) and galician or galego in Galicia. All of them  are languages recognised by Spanish goverment and European Union, with millions of speakers. In each regions all the regional administration (Comunidad autónoma) must to use them instead spanish, so all the forms, papers, documenations, ...etc are on those languages on their different regions.

Galego was even earlier to be spoken than spanish once appeared from latin, once romans had gone.


So, what I leave here is the traduction to all the commands; I mean all text labels in Galician (what we say galego).


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