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Hi all,

I want to create an interaction which allows users to see other users feedback on various aspects of a course. Once the interaction is created, I want users to be able to post their feedback on the course, click a button and have it viewable by everyone who enters the interaction. I do not want to have to add all the feedback and opinions manually to the storyline interaction and upload it to Moodle again. Basically I want a comments section in Storyline which is visible to all.

Is this possible or would I need to embed a webpage which has a comments section?

I hope you understand what I am trying to achieve!

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stace and welcome to Heroes!

There isn't an out of the box way to do this within Storyline, although you might want to look at modifying some of the posts where users pull in LMS variables such as username, etc.  Using a web object, such as a google form, may be the way to allow the user to enter comments, feedback, etc. and then see a compilation of feedback. 

Nancy Woinoski

Stace Williams said:

Thank you, I had hoped there would be something "tidier" than padlet- I have a padlet on my moodle and it looks like a dogs dinner when the students post something! My OCD can't cope with it! I will have a play around with embedding a google form and see what happens. 

I think you can set it up so that posts are displayed in a linear fashion. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Vineetha, once you create your padlet and save it click on the Share/Export icon on the black panel to the right. You should see some embed code as shown in the image. Copy that code and go to Storyline. In Storyline click the Insert Video from website option and past the embed code in the space provide.  Once you paste it in you can delete a lot of the code because it is not necessary for what you are trying to do - I deleted everything after the iframe .  The padlet does not embed cleanly so the most difficult part is adjusting the size and positioning in Storyline until it sits nicely within the Storyline player. You have to publish/review and adjust until you get it right.

ant carter

Hi Nancy,

I have fought most of the morning with padlet and it refuses to go into a storyline course for me. I have tried your method, and as a web object. It only works as a web object in a new window which ruins the usability of the course I am making. 

Am I missing something here, as using embedded padlet was a key part of my course design. I am using google chrome if that makes any difference.

Any help gratefully received


Stace Williams

So, I've tried padlet and while it works beautifully, there aren't enough characters for my users to leave their feedback. 160 characters just isn't enough for my purposes. Google forms won't suit my purposes as I want the users to be able to view all responses without having to post something in the first place. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Nancy Woinoski

ant carter said:

scratch that - and thank you for the advice above, it does work.

Damn you google chrome. It doesnt allow mixed content in articulate storyline to load at all.

I hate to say it but I will be advising my users to use internet explorer 11 instead.


Sorry ant, I was not subscribed to this thread so did not see your post. Are you saying that it does not work with Chrome?