Communicating completions to Moodle 2.5


I'm working with Moodle for the first time and having trouble getting Moodle to recognize the completion of a Storyline SCORM component.

I have four quizzes separate built with Storyline. Each quiz is a small set of true/false questions, and learners have to answer every question correctly to achieve completion. Learners have to successfully complete all four quizzes to complete the course. 

The quizzes are uploaded and work fine, but I can't get the completion to work properly. Although I can see the activity being completed in the 'Activity Completion' report, it doesn't seem to carry over to the 'Course Completion' report. 

See screenshot below as well -- there's a checkmark beside the SCORM activity, signifying it's complete, but in the 'Course Completion Status' block it shows 0 out of 4 activities as complete.

What am I missing? Is it something to do with the Storyline publish settings? I've tried both Complete/Incomplete and Pass/Incomplete, but that doesn't seem to change anything... unless there's another setting somewhere?

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Dan Marsden

Hi Andy - that has nothing to do with Storyline - it's related to the activity/course completion settings you have made inside Moodle.

also - some completion flags will only update when your server is running the cron process - you should ask for help in the community forums on if you are still stuck.