Communicating with Storyline published output

Apr 10, 2014

Hello. I'm a developer and I'm evaluating the Storyline product for one of my clients as a solution to our project. Assuming we could use storyline to meet our needs Is there a rudimentary way of communicating with the flash/html5 player? I am just now learning about SCORM and the various API's that are out there. we only require a small portion of what is represented in SCORM functionality.  Thanks for your help.

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Steve Flowers

You can communicate between the browser and the player for both Flash and HTML5 outputs using GetVar and SetVar.

var player=GetPlayer();

var jsTemp=player.GetVar("aStorylineVariable");

player.SetVar("aStorylineVariable","A Value "+ aVariable);

There are a few other things you can do in HTML5 but this is the only API connection that allows you to communicate TO Storyline. You can use a JavaScript trigger to communicate OUT, but retrieving and setting values still requires the GetVar and SetVar methods.

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