Communication between two AICCmodules

Is it possible to use a AICC-module as an interactive menu?

Which means:

- Module 1 has a link which opens module 2.

- When the learner closes module 2, this module gives information back to module 1 (passed or failed).

- A button in module 1 changes because the learner did module 2.

Is this kind of communication between to AICC-packages possible?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Josien! Welcome to the community.  The LMSes that I've worked with couldn't do this- at least not "out of the box". Maybe others can contribute some insights on this.

Is combining them into one course an option? What are your tracking requirements? Just pass/fail for each or do you need more details than that? There is a previous conversation about  combining multiple AICC courses into one here that might be worth checking out.