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Mark Fletcher

Hi Darren,

Many thanks for sharing this. One of the areas that the podcasts refers to is Accessiblity. In case anyone wants take a more detailed look, here is the link to the Articulate Storyline section 508 support page.


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Darren Mc Neill

I take it Section 508 is similar to W3C used in Europe?

I wish there was one Global Conformity. I cannot imagine that one region would have different Accessibility requirements to another.

If so, is it possible to create a global E-learning course that would conform to Section 508 and not to W3C I wonder, or the other way round?

Gerry Wasiluk

One of the areas I felt missing from the review was something I call "support after the sale."  

A tool is more than just features.  What you get after the sale is also a critical component.

With the Articulate support and community resources here, game, set and match goes to Storyline.

Gerry Wasiluk

I've also dealt with all three companies behind the scenes.  Hands-down, Articulate was the easiest to work with and most flexible and user-centric.

Not to knock Adobe but with them I always felt I was dealing with some huge, cold, monolithic entity.  Articulate feels like dealing with human beings who get customer service and also learning, though YMMV. 

Darren Mc Neill

This was a discussion I had with someone from Adobe recently explaining that Adobe do not listen to the general users of their products but are more interested in Corporate ideas. Storyline looks like it was development based on the elearning industry needs.

Captivate CS6 is due for release at the end of this year, so it will be interesting to see how Adobe reacts. Apparently it is supposed to be a huge upgrade...we will see.

Annie Jean

Wow, I am particularly amazed that two people were able to talk to someone from Adobe about their needs.

I have made some requests and, when you talk about sales, you get an answer but when it's about support you get none.

Yes Gerry, after-sale service is a big part of customer satisfaction and it should always be part of a review.

Have a nice day!