Compatibility issues with SCORM packages made in A360 storyline


We're having compatibility issues with PDF's not opening in SCORM packages in Macs, the SCORM packages work perfectly in windows, however we have a number of computers that are iMac's and need to be able to access these PDF's inside the SCORM packages.

When clicking on the PDF link in the SCORM package it comes up with a blank tab and not automatically opening the PDF.

If you could take a look on the Mac side to see what the issue is that would be great thanks.


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Crystal Horn

Hello, GCDigitech!

Thanks for including your published output.  I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud, and I tested it in Chrome in both my Mac OS and Windows 10 OS.  I got the same error on Slide 8 when clicking to view the PDF:

Can you include your .story file here for me to test?  If you can, please also include the .PDF file independently so that I can test re-attaching it to the project.  Thanks!

GCDigitech .

Hi Phil,

It's a link/button on one of the slides the SCORM, when you click the link in windows it automatically opens the PDF. but in MAC for some reason it says can't be found.

We then uploaded the PDF on it's own in our VLE and the URL is exactly the same as the link in the SCORM. However the PDF uploaded individually opened up fine.

We had a chat with our IT department and they're unsure as to why it happens.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello GCDigitech!

Thanks for sharing your files so that we could take a look.

I noticed two things that can be problematic with attaching files:

  1. File name path was really long
  2. Files were not in a local location

We recommend working, publishing, and utilizing files from your local install. 

I republished your course and it seems to be working perfectly. You can view my published output here. Does that work well for you?

Try adjusting yours and seeing if it performs better.