Compatibilty between SL3 and SL360 (again!)

Mar 15, 2018

I have been trying to open a file in SL3 but I am getting an error message saying it may be corrupt or an earlier version.

I have updated my SL3 - update 3: 3.3.15007.0

I can open the file in a trial version of SL360 so I assume it is some sort of compatibility issue but I thought it would be resolved by updating SL3. I need to be able to work on the file in SL3. Is there any sort of option of saving SL360 to be compatible with SL3?

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Sarah Whitfield

I can open it in the 360 trial and my customer contact can open it in SL3 so I don't think there is anything wrong with the file.

I tried to open it in SL3 before I updated to latest version and got the error message. I thought updating SL3 would solve the problem (as suggested in the article) but it is still giving me the same error message.

I have tried opening 360 files in the past that use unique 360 features and I got an error message saying some features would not work.

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